Thursday, June 14, 2012

In which Ariel & I throw a party

A few months ago, my friend Steve called me to invite me to a surprise 30th birthday party he was throwing for his wife and my lovely friend, Nina. The surprise was a trip to all the different wineries in their area, followed by a bbq at their home. I was all "yeah, sure, I'm in". And then I hung up and wondered how he would ever pull off a surprise bbq. So I called back and said, "Steve, what are your plans for food and decorations?" and he goes "oh my god Sarah, I have no idea. I can't buy anything or she will know!" and so then I said, "Steve, I got this." And then called Ariel to inform her that we had our first party planning gig ever.

We had many inspiration evenings, mostly via pinterest, and then several weeks of arts and crafts and perusing thrift stores and michaels and garages and basements and yard sales for lucky finds. The party colors started as "lots of bright ones", then "bright ones and polka dots" then "shades of ombre pink with gold and feathers and polka dots" and then somehow it ended morphing into just "shades of pink". I'm not sure how it kept wandering around like that, but the way it turned out was prettttty fab and, as usual, I wish I had taken better pictures and then wished that I had a better camera. First world problems, alas my life.

First project of mine, I wanted to make a word sign. While perusing my garage, I discovered a whole sheet of leftover styrofoam (how in the world do you spell that?!) board from when we remodeled and insulated the guest bathroom. Then I browsed to find the perfect letters, printed them all out as big as they would go, and cut them out with scissors to make stencils. There were letter stencils at Michael's but they weren't as big as I wanted and they were like $17 for a set. So forget that. So I stenciled them out on the board and cut them out with a razor blade. And then, I got to buy a bottle of hot pink spray paint! The day I sprayed them was sooo windy and I was super annoyed for 15 minutes. Wind and spray paint just don't do well together. 

Then I hot glued ribbons onto the back of the letters to hold them all together. The hot glue totally worked by the way and all but one of the letters held the whole party!.

Ariel was all "I'm going to paint an ombre tablecloth" and I was all "I have faith in you but I have no idea how you will make that work." So she found a bedskirt/sheet at Goodwill for $2, got a couple shades of pink acrylic paint, and some painters tape. She mixed the pink with different amount of white paint to make all the different shades. I think she went through 3 bottles of acrylic to do the whole sheet? 

Voila! OMG I was so excited!

Here we are at Nina's house, post decorating. We decided to celebrate with a PBR. Because we are classy ladies. 

One of our many treats was a fruit bowl, in a watermelon, because we don't mess around. 

Menu writing - I had a picture frame in my basement that was the perfect size, so I just turned the picture around, and then wrote on the glass with a pink dry erase marker. 

Here we are! Nina's dog helped, sort of. 

Tablecloths and sheets come in handy for everything. Especially tablecloths that are leftover from my wedding. I knew the day I bought them that I wouldn't regret and I certainly have not. They have been so useful to me and many other people! It was probably one of my most genius moves ever. Need some tablecloths? Oh yeah, ask Sarah, she has like 35 of them. 

Anyways. Also, I bought a frame from Michaels, and got pink sticky sparkly letters so that everyone could use a letter to sign their name with. A Happy Birthday Autograph Board!

Sugar rimmed cups for the "Nina-ritas". I was going to buy some rim sugar, but the stupid Giant didn't have any (this is because they are simply NOT wegmans). So I made my own - sugar shaken with a few drops of food coloring. Then dip the rims in some lime juice and dip in the sugar. 

The little drink table - pink lemonade and Ninaritas. Recently I have discovered a new hidden talent - margarita making. Here's my recipe: 1 can of frozen limeade, mixed up in a pitcher. ~1 cup of triple sec. ~1 cup of tequila. Shake of salt if you want it. The end, delicious. Sometimes I do part water and part sprite, nothing wrong with a little fizziness!

And my delighftul chalkboard sign. I finally bought chalkboard paint a few weeks ago to make this, and I can't wait to cover my whole house in it muuhaha

The main attraction - balloons! letters! food! Well, we didn't take any pictures of the actual food. Just tables pre-food. Because I am the worst at photo-oping. 

To make the balloon trees stand up, we used two buckets of sand with PVC pipe stuck in them, then wrapped the pipe with streamers. Then tied the balloons on with ribbon. It worked very nicely! Except for the set of three balloons on the top right totally deflated before anyone even showed up. Oh well.

The menu! 

Did you know you can get pink raffia at the Dollar Store?! It's true. I wrapped a few mason jars with it. Cute, right? Obv. 

I had this wooden box sitting in my basement, perfecto.

Despite that lack of food pictures, we did end up feeding people, I swear. 

I totally spray painted the bottoms of a bunch of clear plastic dishes, and the handles of clear plastic serving utensils. Because I love a good excuse to spray paint things. 

PVC pipe anyone? With balloons and flowers stuck in the tops. I felt a little trashy poking flowers into PVC pipe, but I felt like it really looked nice so hopefully no one thought poorly of me!

We can NOT take credit for this cake, but isn't it fab?!

The birthday girl and I!

Then,. Ariel and I were like "wait, time to clean". Ariel stabbed the balloons. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it.

Post cleaning, we discovered that we truly make a fabulous team, from planning, to crafting, to cooking, to decorating, to cleaning. On to the next one!