Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In which we get a new patio and many flowers

My darling husband and I have been planning since last fall to add on to the current patio in our backyard. I don't really think it looked quite this bad when we moved in - I think it got so muddy and patchy because of all the foot traffic back there. This leads me to assume the previous owner was very unpopular and so there was no one coming over to stomp out the grass. I'd rather have no grass than have no friends, but that's just me. So anyways, this is what it looked like before we got started:
Michael and his brother shoveled out and leveled all the ground first. I pick axed like, 1/3 of it, so technically I helped.
Dan was SO EXCITED to be shoveling stone! 
Then, Mike and his Dad discussed many important things, apparently. This was in between Michael laying modified stone over the dirt. This was made level by using two pvc pipes of appropriate size and leveling the stone to them.  
Then, sand over the stone, and the pavers on top. Michael laid all but 20 of them in the end, I was so proud. He was too, except for the next 4 days of his life when all of his muscles were mad at him.
And then yet another brother came over to help - at this point I thought they were almost done, but 3 hours later I discovered that was not even a little bit true.
My mother in law swept sand into the cracks for a good hour. I was glad of this, as I was not interested in this job, not even a little bit.
Here it is! Its amazing! I love it!
I don't think I could be more proud of this - every day I walk outside and can't even remember what it looked like before, or why there even was a before. Why would you NOT have an amazing patio like this?! 
Cam provided some modeling for the photos. Michael also used some 80-pound each stones/bricks/pavers (I don't know what they are called) to line out the flower bed. Next he's going to put wood on the top, so we will have seats! He is brilliant at things. 
I did actually work all day, just not on the patio - my mother in law and I spent the whole day gardening. We made over all the flower beds out in the front of the house so that they finally look nice and are sans fake flowers, and we also planted about 10 pots. Here is some proof of our labor!