Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just random things I forgot about

It was my pop's birthday in March (it doesn't matter how late I post about it, just so long as I do), so I made him some fun cakes! He is a man who loves his construction, so the cakes were themed accordingly. The round cake was: layer of cake, layer of frosting, layer of brownie, layer of frosting, layer of cake, covered in frosting. It was a rather big hit with my dad and brothers. The hammer cake was leftover cake pop mix, so it was equally as delish.

I haven't been home for his actual birthday in probably 10 years so I was happy to be there.

 And in true sarah-loves-any-reason-to-decorate fashion, I spruced up the kitchen and told him it was a "Manly Garden Theme Party". This was immediately following my sisters bridal shower, so I had a car full of fake greenery and vases and blue YARN POMS!

For easter, I made a carrot cake. The cake itself is NOT carrot. It's apparently a weight watchers recipe - one box of yellow cake mix plus one 20 oz can of crushed pineapple. Mix, cook, eat, then eat another piece. Apparently it was as good as I thought because the ants that are overtaking our home crawled through the tupperware and annihilated the leftovers. Sigh. Guess I will just have to make another one. 

My girlfriend told me about this recipe, I believe it originally came from Skinnytaste - just to keep things on the up and up ;)

Here's my husband. "The Most Interesting Man In The World".

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In which there are new bathrooms!

Michael and I bought our lil house o' dreams (Anne of Green Gables anyone??) almost one year ago. Since I love to make things look pretty and Michael loves an excuse to use his tools and we {for the most part} work well together, we have accomplished quite a bit in this place since moving in. Also, we love DIY. The previous owner of this property was probably the worst homeowner in the history of home ownership (probably not, but we like to think so) and made mostly what we consider to be all horrible decisions. But sometimes we don't mind because whenever anything goes wrong in this place, we just blame it on her, and then fix it and feel proud and amazing. Recently, we completed remodeling/revamping our two bathrooms.

This is our old guest bathroom. Please note the pink flower linoleum ON THE WALLS and the tragic linoleum on the floors and the general lack of niceness in the whole room. Mostly I just kept the door closed so that we didn't have to look in.

So then one day I was like, "Michael, let's remodel the bathroom soon". He only half listened while I was talking, but said ok. So then the next day I was home and he was at work and I thought to myself, "there's no time like the present" and promptly ripped out some linoleum. Then he came home from work, a little put out that I had jumped the gun, but there was no going back now, was there! So then, we ripped everything out. Smashing walls with a sledgehammer is pretty exhilarating.

Drywalled/painted walls. Turns out there was no insulation behind the old walls and the studs were all different sizes so Michael had to get creative and also take several extra trips to the store. But he is a creative man and it all worked out nicely and all our walls are level now, because we don't settle for anything less than exactly straight.

Then, flooring! We got half of it in, then ended up pulling it all up and redoing it. I don't remember why, but the second time around it was easier because we did it the right way. Oops. Cam wants to be a helper, but alas, no opposable thumbs.

And then it was done! Well, almost. I took the picture so you cant see that we still have to tile around the shower edges. Sneaky sneaky me. This actually took us a waaaaay long time to finish since we didn't pull a Renovation Realities and take time off from work anything, just nights when we could and when we had money to buy more stuff. But all in all it cost us under $500 to renovate, and that was only because what all those renovation shows DON'T tell you is how much all the tools you need to do things cost. Michael wasn't complaining though, he loves adding to his tool collection.

Then a few weeks ago, it was on to bathroom #2. Black and EW, obviously. Plus, it was matte black so every time you touched the wall you left fingerprints. What a terrible choice, previous owner!

Voila! One coat of special primer meant specifically for "extreme color changes" and 2 coats of Valspar paint w/primer. Pretty nice, huh? I did it all while Michael was at work one Saturday and he comes home and sees it and says, "I just feel...happier...and I don't know why!" A pretty green room will do that to a man.

Next project? Adding on to the patio! Painting the fridge! Building a cooler into our picnic table! Making 4 pretty flower beds! Cutting out a closet in the guest bedroom! And that's just what I want to do in the next month...