Thursday, March 1, 2012

In which I just love Gouda

Last week's carb-free diet mostly worked out for me. I may or may not have accidentally been coerced by my husband into going out for wings and beer one night. And by coerced, I mean:

Michael: "Want to go out for wings and beer?"
Me: "Oh, no thank you."
Michael: "You're right, I want to help you with your diet this week."
*5 minutes later*
Me: "Actually, let's go. But I refuse to drink any beer."
*1 hour later*
Me: "Want to get a second pitcher?"

My lack of self-control is truly inspiring, I know.

Anyways, I did make several carb free dinners last week and am still making a valiant effort in my life to limit carbs as much as possible. I am able to do this because it really isn't that hard, and doing things that are easy are much nicer than doing things that are difficult! I'm so wise.

We had our lil buds, Ariel & Davis, over for dinner and I made roasted chicken stuffed with gouda & bacon, and roasted asparagus with lemon thyme oil. I love things that are roasted.

I sliced open the chicken breasts, after cleaning off all the little icky fat pieces. And then, one piece of cheese, and one half-piece of bacon for each. Also, rotisserie chicken spice! If you don't own this, you are missing out on a true joy in life.

Cheese and bacon inside each piece.

Sprinkled with rotisserie spice and set on a greased tray. Chicken is sealed with toothpicks to help keep all that cheesy goodness inside. Then popped into 350 degree oven for 30ish minutes (big piece of chicken cut in half like this will cook faster than if they were still whole).

Oh yes, asparagus. Some lemon juice, oil, salt, and thyme.

Mixed together - a little of this and little of that until I liked the way it tasted.

Poured over the asparagus in a non-stick pan and then slow roasted over lowish heat while the chicken is baking.

A delicious meal. Also, we had tossed salad on the side but I forgot to take a picture. If anyone reading is unfamiliar with the logistics of tossed salad making, then this is not the blog for you.