Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In which I my house smells like garlic and I love it

Well, carb free week is going very well for me. Tragedy of my life, I did not actually lose 5lbs on day one as my scale is a liar and hates me. I have, however, lost 2 lbs and am hoping to finally get under that one number I have been fighting with for the last few months. Here's hopin.

Anyways, I have been on a food mission this week to make tasty things for my husband, sans the starch and carbs. Which he loves as much as I do. I may or may not (often) complain about how Michael is a mildly picky eater (its really not as bad as I make it out to be) and so I do not get to eat all the things I would like to. Like tomatoes. It's highly improbable you will ever find a recipe on this blog that has the main ingredient of tomatoes as Michael simply cannot abide them. People often suggest, post my ranting, that I should make him one thing and myself another and then wouldn't we both just be so happy! Well no, no I would not. I am the one that does the cooking and I simply do not have the time or patience for making different things. Also, who wants to wash all those dishes? Ew. So, I always try to meet in the middle of what we both like in order for us to be both be equally satisfied with our dinner.

I was a leeeetle bit nervous for this meal, because I decided to make mashed cauliflower. Also I made a porterhouse steak with an apple-spice rub and steamed green beans with white roasted garlic/thyme sauce - but I was nervous he would stick his nose up at the cauliflower. However! - he actually seemed to enjoy it, which in turn made me quite pleased with myself. I'm sure I would hear it if I started making it for him every day, but I think I could give it to him a few times a year with no complaints.

I browsed around the intrawebs looking for a mashed cauliflower recipe, but didn't really like much of what I found. Most of them added potatoes (which I will do when I get back on the carb wagon) or other odd ingredients I would never add. So, I came up with my own version.

I put a head of cauliflower (green stems and leaves removed) in a pot, covered it to boiling, then let it boil a couple minutes until it was soft and felt like it would mush under a fork.

Drained, then cut up and put into a pot. I mashed it with a potato masher and slowly added sour cream, butter, salt/pepper, and a little grated cheese until I liked the way it tasted. It certainly wasn't smooth like mashed potatoes would be, but I bet if I hadn't been all "wah, I don't want to wash my food processer" and put it in that baby really quick, it would have been smooth.

About an hour before I started cooking, I roasted some garlic - one head, with a little drizze of EVVO and a pinch of salt in the oven at 350 for an hour. I LOVE the way this makes my house smell!

You should probably wait to get all that yummy roasted garlic out until its cooled off. Or you will end up with burned, impatient fingers, like moi. So once it has actually cooled, you can cut the outer shell off with a knife. Then...I just put it on a plate and start mashing with a fork, pulling out all the shell pieces out when I'm done. It's totally possible there is a much easier way to do this, but I don't know it. I put about 1/3 of the mashed garlic in a pan for my green bean sauce:

Added a few globs of I CANT BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER!, some fresh thyme, and a few sprinkles of salt (what would of one of my dishes be like if I didn't say "add salt"?)
Cook until the butter melts and it starts simmering, then add some cream
Then continue to stir as it reduces until it's the consistency you want.
Voila! It was a simply lovely meal, and we were both full at the end of it. Whoever said carb-less meals don't fill you up obviously never had anything cooked by ME.

Mashed Cauliflower
-1 head of cauliflower
-Light Sour Cream
-Grated cheddar cheese and/or parmesan cheese

-Remove green stems/leaves from the cauliflower. Fill a pot with enough water to just cover the cauliflower. Bring the water to a boil and allow to boil until soft.
-Drain, and remove any remaining stems. Mash (or whip in the food processer!) with sour cream/butter/salt/cheese until you like it.

*If you don't like any of the things I put in mine, do whatever you want! You could really add any kind of flavors to this to go with whatever you are eating. Cauliflower has almost no taste, so you could make it into whatever you want.

Garlic Thyme White Sauce
- Roasted mashed garlic (or finely chopped raw, if that's what you have)
- 1-2 T fresh thyme
- 2-3 T butter
- Salt to taste
- 1/2 C light cream

- Add the butter, thyme, garlic and salt to a pan and cook over medium low heat until butter is melted.
- Bring the heat up to medium high and slowly pour in the cream. Continue to stir for 5-7 mins, or until reduced to the consistency you want.

*It's very important you keep stirring and don't walk away. If you do walk away, your sauce will most certainly burn and then you will have to eat plain vegetables. And who wants to do that?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In which I love lamp and cut carbs

Yesterday, I bought a new lamp that is TOTALLY AMAZING. Its like someone at Home Goods was trying to think of a new lamp idea and said "Hm, let's make one that Sarah Young will die for", and then came up with this:

In other news, I have decided to go carb-free this week. So far so good - one day in and I've dropped FIVE POUNDS. Count them. This is not a joke. I've been working out like a crazy person the last couple of months and have not lost one single pound. This is very frustrating to me. I decided to try cutting carbs for a week to see if that helped. Apparently, it did.

Going carb free is far easier than I had first thought. Mostly because I can still eat some pretty delicious things that I love. Like cheese and steak. I have all kinds of delightful meals on the schedule for this week, will post about them sometime of course. Included in said meals:
-Porterhouse steak
-Mashed cauliflower
-Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with Gouda
-Roasted asparagus with lemon oil
-Cucumbers in white wine vinegar

So it will be a delicious week, sans the sourdough bread and spaghetti and bagels and orange juice and vodka and beer. Oh well.

Since I am basically stuck with only drinking water and one cup of coffee in the morning, I was searching through Wegmans looking for something that I could drink that was not water. Since Wegmans is the most wonderful grocery store of all time, I totally found a soda called Waist Watchers. It has no carbs and - my mom will be happy to know- no aspartame in it. Its a good replacement to my nightly grown up beverage. On any normal day I drink tons of water, usually with a peppermint green tea bag in it, but at night I always crave something a little tastier. So this is a delicious and healthier option for me. Oh, and it's .99 for a 2 liter. Wegmans always comes through in a pinch!