Thursday, January 19, 2012

And now, my first cooking post

Someday I will write a cookbook, and in preparation, I must collect worthy recipes.

This morning, I found in my freezer some drumsticks I had frozen in hot wing sauce a while back. So they dethawed all day and then at 5:30 I realized that I didn't really want to eat them that way and also that I should probably cook dinner soon. Due to my love for procrastination, I stopped thinking about it. So I took the dog for a walk and then got the mail. Lo and behold, Bonappetit had come and on the front cover was something about Fried Chicken. *drool*. But, fried chicken is bad for me, so I decided I would make an oven fried kind instead.

The chicken was already marinated, but I let it sit in some light cream for about 20 mins. I would have used buttermilk if it was in the fridge, or if I had something to even make it with, but I did not. So, improv.
While marination was occuring, and in between Pinterest browsing, I whipped up a little coating. I don't know why baking powder is a part of it. I read it somewhere a while back and so I include it. I am not sure what benefit it provides, but if you know, let me know. Also, I remembered to preheat the oven to 425.
Ok, then I could make the chicken. I didn't have any ziploc bags left so I just coated the chicken in a bowl. I put the chicken on a greased pan, and then sprayed the tops with some butter spray to ensure crispiness.
A few drumsticks by themselves are no good, so I browsed the cupboards and found some remaining fingerling potatoes, and, what's this!, some asiago cheese in my fridge!
I sliced the fingerlings onto a greased pan. I sprayed some butter spray on them until they were coated, then tossed them in some chopped garlic and panko crumbs. And then a little more butter spray, oops. Finale, Asiago cheese on top. And I might have eaten a big chunk of it, too...
Chicken and potatoes both went, uncovered into the oven for about 40 mins
(until the chicken was cooked).
My taste tester husband thought it was delicious, and so, I win!

Oven Fried Chicken:
4 Chicken drumsticks
1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp salt
1 /2 tsp baking powder
2 T sesame seeds
Coat chicken by tossing in a plastic bag, one at a time, or rolling in a bowl
Spray with olive oil spray or butter spray
Bake at 425 for 40-50 mins or until cooked through

Panko Garlic Potatoes:
Sliced potatoes (the thinner they are, the crispier)
1-2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1/2 cup of panko bread crumbs
Grated cheese
Toss the potatoes in olive oil or butter spray until coated
Toss in garlic and panko, then grate cheese over top
Bake, uncovered, at 425 for 30-40 mins, or until cooked.

Please note: my recipes are estimates!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In which my kitchen gets prettified!

Thank you, Martin Luther King Junior, for being a wonderful man and in turn giving me the day off! I spent my three day weekend covered in paint and turn my sad kitchen upside down. I did this with gusto and excitement - well, except for the part where I made the paint guy mix three cans of different yellow paint and just kept saying, "I hate it, I hate it so much. It looks like Sesame Street, I hate it so much." I am, however, very happy with the paint color I ended up going with, even though I was greatly questioning my taste as I was slathering it all over the walls.

First, of course, I took off all the cabinet doors. Everything ever done in this house is so half-assed, Michael and I simply cannot abide it and so we must do everything, well, fully-assed. Hinges and handles went straight to the trash, as they were black and ew. I covered everything in my cupboards in plastic bags so I didn't have to pull everything out for the painting. I'm brilliant, obviously.
I had to prime the cabinets and the cabinet doors and then give them all two coats of paint. The doors were the worst, since it was 32 degrees outside. I spent 2 hours priming them in the driveway and then decided to finish painting them inside, laid out on sheets in my dining room. It was annoying, but much better than freezing off my lil fingers and toes over it. I pulled down my spice rack and painted it white as well.
How icky was this!
Annnnnd, voila! Please note Michael's artsy way of hanging the door handles. Unfortunately, once he got to the lower cabinets he realized he couldn't make all of them that way because of the way the cabinets are built. Alas our life. I also painted all the trim around the walls, windows, and doors so that would everything would be nice and sprucey together.
Please note my lovely updated spice rack! And yes, a blank wall that still requires some decorating.
I painted the book shelf (not currently being used as such, of course) as well. This shelf is from Ikea and has been with me since senior year of college. My dad has "re-stabilized" it several times over the years but it has proverbially stuck with me through thick and thin. As I painted it I was shocked to realize that I have had it for 7 years and never once thought to change its color up. There's a first time for everything I guess.
Upon painting everything stark, fresh, white - the refrigerator looks like it belongs on the curb. I am going to get some appliance paint next week and freshen it up as well. And yes, I put EAT on the wall. I know everyone else is doing it, but I can't help it - I love the idea and am not ashamed to keep up with the Jones'.

Next project: Repainting the black bathroom. Yes, it is black.