Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little grill time

This past weekend, we made a huge change to our backyard - added on to the patio! I have some pictures but haven't taken a final "look how amazing" picture so I don't feel like I want to post any yet. So, maybe tomorrow? Anyways, we spent yesterday evening enjoying the fresh air on our fancy new patio with some delicious food from the grill. Then some friendly faces came over and we lit a fire in the fire pit. We reminisced about how little Cam was when she was a puppy, discussed the intricacies of gun control and environmentalism, drank maybe more JD than we should have for a Tuesday night, and enjoyed pandora's Indie Rock station. And to think I just wanted to watch television!

Worcestershire Lime Chicken, Roasted Parmesan Veggies

I butterflied two chicken breasts and had them sit for about an hour in some worcestershire sauce and juice from one lime. Veggies got some butter spray (I don't care what you say about that!), kosher salt, and parmesan cheese. You don't even know what parm does to roasted veggies until you've tried it. It's really the best thing ever. 

And here's Kitty, being curious! Yes, her name is Kitty. 

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