Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Its spring-a-ding

I think I shall look back on the year of 2012 as the year that the weather teased us. Some days it's 80 and some days it's 40. Weather, please make up your mind! I would really like to open my pool! I believe we are nearing the end of this trickery, however, and that it will be warm very soon. My pale skin and flowers will surely love it.

Last year was the first time I ever planted bulbs and they came up in full force this year! My mother-in-law made me fear for the little bulbs, telling me that squirrels would probably dig them up and eat them. But the squirrels were not enticed in the least and all the blooms are looking amazing!

Here's our doggy Cam, being regal as ever. Another reason why I like warm weather - Cam feels super lazy and never wants to do anything other than lay in the sun. I prefer her this way.

I made a fun drink! I think it's pretty pinterest worthy - vodka, cranberry ginger ale, peach snapps, frozen kiwi, and a pomegranate sugar rim! I'm so fancy right now!

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