Monday, April 2, 2012

Makin' fancy wine glasses

Today I was all like "blah, my life is so boring, I have nothing interesting to post, how sad is my life, alas". Then I remembered I had like 5 different projects I recently did for my sisters bridal shower that I never wrote about! So, here's some. In which I make wine glasses. And by make I mean, write some letters on.

First, I found 6 matching wine glasses at Goodwill, then bought some enamel paint. I found a font that I liked and printed out the letters in the size I wanted. Next, washed the glasses, as they were ew. Then, cut out the letters and taped them inside of the glasses so that I could trace them with the paint on the outside.
I practiced my tracing on paper first, just to be sure!

First glass, done. I probably could have done a little better but hey, there's room for improvement in everything you do.

Finished tracing/painting - please note, I held the glasses still with forks and spoons. Then they had to dry for 24-48 hours according to the directions on the enamel paint.

And then, bake them! I was sooooo nervous about this. I know that apparently this works every time for everyone but I was sure I was going to be the one exception, and that there would be a huge explosion of glass all over the inside of my new stove. But, his did not happen to me and they came out just fine and all baked to a nice hard finish. Reason for baking = so you can wash them and the paint doesn't come off!

Here they are, all done at my sisters shower. I wish I had taken a better picture. Then again, I wish I had a better camera. What can you do.

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Nicki Corridoni said...

you do everything with such finesse! i could never be you. but i like what you do so much!