Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In which I throw a blue bridal shower

This past weekend I had the pleasure of {finally} throwing a bridal shower for my sister! I have been working very hard on this for the last two months and it has been with great pain that I have not posted ANYTHING about it, for fear she might decide to take a gander on the internet and discover my secrets. So, the day finally arrived and all my anxiousness subsided and everyone said that it was just the best and told me I should be a party planner and I was all, "welcome to one of 300 goals for my life that I haven't done anything about".

The shower was in Vermont, as that is where my family resides. After the several inches of snow received on Saturday, Sunday dawned bright and cheery at 55 degrees and it was a magical day. I had the shower in the.most.adorable bookstore (The Book King) I have ever seen. Also, I had never been inside this bookstore until said Sunday, so it was as much as a surprise to me as it is to you. So, on to some pictures -

First, there was the decorative table:
Complete with my hand painted wine glasses, spelling out my sisters new last name and wedding date. Also, with flowers.
Then, a dessert table. The RSVP for the shower invitations were recipe cards. Please note lower left hand corner with said collected Recipe RSVP's. Also, a plate for everyone to sign!
Food tags for dessert - I had to "just kidding" the brownie tag, because at the last minute I didn't {forgot to} put cream cheese in them. Alas my life.
Previously stated plate - a $1 find at goodwill with some spray paint and enamel hand writer.
Angel food kabobs! Strawberries/angel food cake squares/chocolate syrup. Delight!
Ooey gooey double layer heart shaped brownies with frosting inside. These were one of the messiest things I have ever made, but worth it fo'sho!
This bookstore was really just the most wonderful place. I wish it was down the street from me.
Then, the thank you table!
I made white cake for the pops, cut all the browned top/bottom/sides (another legit mess) off so the pops would actually be white inside, mixed with cream cheese frosting, dipped in blue candy melt and blue sparkly sprinkles. Then I hand wrapped all of them. Which took me at least 90 minutes and gave me a backache but it was certainly worth it.
Also, a photo framing the parents at their weddings and the bride-and-groom-to-be. Adorb.
Now, to the food! Veggie cups with ranch dressing.
My famous broccoli salad
Required bridal tea sandwiches
Oh, and my YARN POMS! They were great!
Prize table (for the "All About The Bride Quiz" and "Bridal Bingo") with the Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub I made. NBD.
And of course, the picture frame. Repurposed from New Years ;)
Bridal shower sign with the gifts on the STAIRS, I almost died over the overwhelming cuteness.
And oh wait, one last thing - my bridal shower outfit. 2012 is the year of color popping and I am doin' it up!

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