Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smoothies - discover the delight of the deliciousness

Today, I made smoothies! Of course, I cannot take credit for this idea as it was Pinterest inspired (as is most of my life lately). Unfortunately, I did not actually pin the picture I saw, just remembered it - so if someone who has made this before stumbles upon this blog and goes "that was my idea first!", I am aware. Here's some credit, oh wise one!

Anyways, this week I was considering making healthy shakes for breakfast but was feeling nervous about putting things like spinach in them. The thought of drinking spinach was making me gag a little bit. And then Julia was like "don't put kale in it, or you'll end up chewing your smoothie!" More gag. I forged ahead however, and did it anyways (drank spinach, not the gagging part).

So I cut up some bananas, kiwi, mango, strawberry, pre-frozen spinach, parsley leaves, and mint leaves. I froze scoops of yogurt with a spoon of flax seed in muffin tins as well.

Then I divided it all up into ziploc bags, and of course made one to make sure I wasn't going to be disappointed. I added a little v8splash and some milk on top, worked the magic of my magic bullet and was delighted to discover the deliciousness. Happy healthy breakfast, here I come!

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