Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In which I love lamp and cut carbs

Yesterday, I bought a new lamp that is TOTALLY AMAZING. Its like someone at Home Goods was trying to think of a new lamp idea and said "Hm, let's make one that Sarah Young will die for", and then came up with this:

In other news, I have decided to go carb-free this week. So far so good - one day in and I've dropped FIVE POUNDS. Count them. This is not a joke. I've been working out like a crazy person the last couple of months and have not lost one single pound. This is very frustrating to me. I decided to try cutting carbs for a week to see if that helped. Apparently, it did.

Going carb free is far easier than I had first thought. Mostly because I can still eat some pretty delicious things that I love. Like cheese and steak. I have all kinds of delightful meals on the schedule for this week, will post about them sometime of course. Included in said meals:
-Porterhouse steak
-Mashed cauliflower
-Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with Gouda
-Roasted asparagus with lemon oil
-Cucumbers in white wine vinegar

So it will be a delicious week, sans the sourdough bread and spaghetti and bagels and orange juice and vodka and beer. Oh well.

Since I am basically stuck with only drinking water and one cup of coffee in the morning, I was searching through Wegmans looking for something that I could drink that was not water. Since Wegmans is the most wonderful grocery store of all time, I totally found a soda called Waist Watchers. It has no carbs and - my mom will be happy to know- no aspartame in it. Its a good replacement to my nightly grown up beverage. On any normal day I drink tons of water, usually with a peppermint green tea bag in it, but at night I always crave something a little tastier. So this is a delicious and healthier option for me. Oh, and it's .99 for a 2 liter. Wegmans always comes through in a pinch!

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