Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In which I return to my blog

Hello darling world,

It has been 1 1/2 years since we last spoke. The last 3 days of my life have been spent mostly browsing my most recent favorite thing, Pinterest. Today I decided to go through all of my saved bookmark links to find good things to "pin", and, lo-and-behold, I stumble upon this blog - my little blog that was just beginning to take off and then I went and forgot about it. So, we'll see how long blogging lasts for but I like to think, as I always do, that it will last FOREVER.

I have made many changes in my life over the last 2 years, which I found very amusing as I perused my ramblings from 2009. For instance, I got married. That man Michael was fooling me the whole time and had a ring in his pocket for quite a while - all the while LYING to me about how marriage was so, so far away. A marriage built on lies is probably off to a bad start, but I feel pretty good about this particular lie - especially since it ended with some bling on my finger and me looking like an airbrushed bridal model in our wedding pictures.

Also, the man has ceased to play baseball, but has turned to golf to fill his sports void. I'm mostly ok with this. He has no obligation to a team, only himself, and he has to dress nice and I don't have to wash dirty baseball uniforms. And so for these things, I thank the golf gods.

Then last spring we bought a house! It has a pool! Look at how all my life dreams are coming true! In my perusing of 2009 I noted that I was deeply desirous of a child. This dream has mostly holed up and died, at least for the time being. Michael and I are kinnnnd of really enjoying being super duper selfish with our lives. For instance, we love eating out and drinking on the weekdays and watching 5 episodes of Dexter in a row. With a child, I would have to eat at Chuck-e-cheese (see, I don't even know how to spell that), drinking wine while reading Everybody Poops (which is just so not classy), and watching, I dont know, Barney, or whatever it is kids watch these days. I'm pretty sure we can't put off having kids forever since it would be a travesty to be an old mom, but for now we are having a simply fab time being dog parents (oh yeah, we got a dog!). We have therefore determined to "talk about talking about having a baby" this fall. So that's that.

I also am watching more tv shows than ever now, since my "I'm going to get basic cable" plan lasted ~2 weeks. We also got a 50" flat screen 3d television, so, you know. Gotta watch it.

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