Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In which I go to Dallas

Hola, it's me again. This time, I have returned from Texas, after enjoying a wedding of my Uncle and his new lovely wife, who I simply cannot refer to as "Aunt", since she is 2 years older than I and that title just seems too weird between us. Anyways. She was gorgeous, the wedding was gorgeous, my brother is apparently an amazing dancer, and I wanted to eat the entire cake because that's how delicious it was. And we stayed in a very well decorated hotel and our room had a surprise balcony, don't be too jealous.

One night, we ventured out with my cousin and her boyfriend to find a local drinking establishment. On our way there, we passed a store callled simply "Condoms To Go". I can't make this stuff up. Anyways, the closest place was a Dave & Busters and we were all, "Let's go there, I bet it's nice, since we are in Dallas and Dallas is nice." Turns out it was apparently the only ghetto place in a 10 mile radius, so were provided with some horrible margaritas and hilarious people watching.

Spending time with my family and relatives was very nice. Especially since there was no family drama, and that's all I have to say about that. I also decided that my (immediate) family and I should all run a 5k together. Jed and Michael deemed to be to good for this, so whatever, they can sit on the couch alone. We shall see how this whole family-fitness thing pans out, but as usual with all my great ideas, I feel pretty optimistic about it.

And now, I want to continue reading my latest literary adventure "The Magicians", so I'm going to try sneak-reading my Kindle in my cube *insert evil laugh*.

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