Thursday, May 21, 2009

In which I am the goddess of web design, and make potatoes

The Intranets
I am designing a website for my department. I want to start off by saying that yesterday, after going over it with my boss, he said to me "I didn't know we had this kind of talent in our department!" It doesn't take much to make me feel proud of myself, let me tell you one thing for sure.

I am brand new to this job, and when I say brand new I mean like 8 months. So I had originally started with this website idea in January, and after sharing it with all my bosses they were like "We always wanted one!" to which I was then like "OK, cool." Thats not exactly what happened, but almost. Then, I discovered that I had to use an internal web design program to make this website. Figuring this program out took me the better part of two months. Mostly because I got incredibly frustrated and slacked off trying to understand it. (Sort of like algebra in 7th grade.) But then, one day, something clicked and I knew how to use it! (Which, by the way, is exactly not what happened with algebra in 7th grade).

All this to say, my director and I decided that Company Rollout will be June 15th. He is speaking at some big important meeting with a bunch of important people at some point and is going to show it off there. It's pretty exciting to me, I feel like I am finally finding my niche in the office. I would post this website for the world to see but its an internal I will just have to brag about it and hope that everyone believes when I say I am the goddess of web design.

The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field - and keep on doing it. - Wilfred A Peterson

In which I get a letter from the President of Merck

My weekend was uneventful. Michael and I had decided last weekend that we have been doing too much weekend driving lately and that we would stay put for this one. So we did. It was a little boring but it was nice.

Saturday Michael and I went gallavanting off at 8am to yard sale. We were sorely disappointed, and bought not even one thing. Yard saling on the Main Line is always hit or miss. The yuppies charge so much for their stuff, I almost wonder why they even bother putting it outside to begin with. Then Michael fixed someone's car, and I went to the gym. Then I scrubbed the bathroom. I always let these stort of things drag out, in hopes that someone else will do it, as I utterly despise bathroom cleaning. Tragically, this didn't happen today. So I finally just did it. And it was gross and nasty and I cried a little. This regulary happens with things like the dishes, the garbage, the vacuuming, the rotting vegetables in the fridge, and the random clothes and shoes that fall wherever they come off.

Michael had a baseball game in the afternoon, which he won because he is the King of Everything. I went and brought a folding chair, which was the best thing I have ever thought of in my life! Usually I get so grumpy at his games but that chair changed it all. I didn't have to sit on the bleachers and so I didn't get uncomfortable and I could move it whenever I felt too hot in the sun and I had my own spot and didn't feel awkward sitting next to people I didn't know. But then I got a sunburn. Oh well.

Sunday, I visited Trader Joe's bright and early. I love this little grocery store. Even though half the things I buy when I food shop they don't have...which means I have to go to Wal-Mart afterwards anyways. I don't care though, it makes me feel so sunshiny being there! Also, I cleaned the house again, per usual.

Last night I did not fall asleep until 3am. I couldn't stop thinking and couldn't get comfortable and someone kept turning the hall light outside my room on and that just drives me NUTS. Then I awoke at 6:45am, feeling surprisingly awake and refreshed. Odd. I had originally intended to awake at 6:30 to begin a new morning routine, but my excuse was "I didn't fall asleep until 3am, so I can stay in bed a few more minutes". I am so tragically lazy sometimes. But I got up nonetheless and made time for myself to eat a fiber and protein rich breakfast. Which I have read will aid in my strive for weightloss. So I had an egg, some yogurt, and a piece of toast. This toast I purchased from Trader Joe's, and the man there assured me that it was delicious and fluffy and not at all grainy and wheaty. He lied, and it was. Oh well.

Now I have just returned from my 10:30 meeting to discover a letter on my desk. It is from one Mr Robert McMahon, the President of Merck & Co, my employer. He would like to congratulate me upon my recent Six Sigma Greent Belt certification, and it has his real signature on it. While I don't pretend to think that he actually even looked at the letter he was signing, it is fun knowing that for 3 seconds, Mr. Robert McMahon, President, did something that involved me.

My flowers have died :( I decided I need to buy a plant for my desk.

"He who wants to change the world should begin by cleaning the dishes." - Paul Carvel