Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In which I write Random Tuesday Thoughts and love Amazon

I made dinner for the first time in the new apartment last night. Pizza. With only sauce and cheese because I forgot to take the pepperoni out of the old fridge. And I made pizza because the only thing I have to use for cooking in the oven is a pizza pan. Then this morning I was going to make eggs and toast for breakfast (gosh I know, I'm so healthy), only to realize that i have no pan for making said eggs, and that I still am not the owner of a toaster. They are coming in the mail soon! Thank you Amazon.Com and your Free Super Saver Shipping.

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night. God knows I am the one person in the world that tears up over commercials with cute babies in them, but for this movie, only one lone tear dribbled down my cheek at the end when they kiss. That was it. To be honest, I was absolutely expecting a little more melodrama because I heard it made, like, everyone I know cry. Also, I predicted every single thing that happened. Not be whatever, but I mean I'm kind of a movie snob and I'm pretty good at guessing movie endings. To which the slumdog was no exception. That being said, it was a pretty good movie and I was impressed, even if it was lacking in the sobbing and suspense departments.

Something that really irritates me is people who don't update their blog. I mean, I understand a few days. I even understand a week. But, a month? Why even bother having one? And now, every single day, I check your blog hoping for updates on your boring life to keep my own a little more thrilling...but nothing. But then I can't not click your blog every day because you know as soon as I stop checking, you will start updating again and I will miss out on very important things, like how your kid won't wear pants or how you saved .34 cents on a jar of kidney beans. Hello, I added you to my faves for a reason. I have concluded that those of you who are guilty of this are a bunch of stuck up sasses who obviously have far more important things to do with your lives than I do and quite frankly, I don't need to be reminded. Maybe I will delete you from my faves tomorrow...after I check for an update one last time.

Michael, (my main mc in da hood a'ight), told me last night he is thinking about quitting baseball. To which I inwardly gasped and outwardly sweetly and concernedly said "Oh, really?". Lets get one thing straight. Michael loves three things in this world - baseball, cars, and me. Hopefully not in that order. So I nonchalantly (this was very difficult for me because baseball cuts into my fun summer activities and leaves me very lonely during the summer and there is nothing I would love better than to have him not play baseball. Plus I always feel obligated to go to his games which is a bummerrrrr because I sit by myself in the hot sun and think about all the things I would rather be doing - like being dead or having nails jabbed into my ears.) asked why he was considering such a thing and his reasons were 1.) it takes up too much of his time 2.) he spends lots of money on gas driving to all the games b/c they are always in outlandish foreign places, and 3.) he wants to be able to work more because he needs money for "our future".

So then he says not only does he want to quit baseball, but he also wants to get a 2nd job (which I thought was a horrible idea, but didn't say this because you have to let them think they came up ideas on their own) so I gently and unobtrusively mentioned things until he figured out that he should work more hours at Pep Boys/get his hours switched because he would make more money doing that than he would unloading trucks two days a week or waiting tables for like 2 or 3 shifts. Also, if he had 2 jobs and worked every single hour of his life, he would be the crankiest person I know and that's pretty much just unacceptable to me. I think I should get some brownie points for telling him what to do without him knowing it. Or at least a chocolate cake. With chocolate frosting. And chocolate chips. And chocolate sprinkles.

At my work there is a robot mail truck. His name is Sedrick. Its written on the side with a giant picture of a man with spectacles. Yes, I said spectacles and no, I can't make this shit up.

So, this has been a blogging first for me. Thanks to The Un Mom for letting just anyone join in. Gosh golly gee I hope I did ok!



GreenJello said...

Subscribe to the blog feeds-- then you won't be disappointed when there aren't updates for awhile. The updates will come to you when they're posted! :)

And I know exactly what you mean about making things seem like it's the man's idea. LOL!

Wow, that was awkward said...

You are quite entertaining! Lots of laughs in here - thanks! When I was 25 my oven was known solely as a pizza maker. Frozen ones at that!

Keely said...

The baseball thing WAS A TEST. I think you passed, but I'm not a guy, so I can't say for sure.

Does Sedrick have any 'ins' with the robots that will eventually take over the world? Because you might want to cozy up to him if that's the case.

Jennifer said...

Is it possible to get my own Sedrick? Maybe a My Little Pony Picker-upper instead of a mail robot though.

And I've been known to add stuff to my amazon.com cart because it told me I would get free shipping if I added a certain amount more. It's a conspiracy, I tell you! ;)

Nikki said...

I cry all the time in movies/tv shows/ commercials. I am constantly being made fun of for it.