Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In which I have Random Tuesday Thoughts (again) and why exclamation points are annoying

Good morning on this horrible morning. I don't think I have ever seen so much lightning in my entire life as I did on my 40 minute drive to work today. Apparently, in the near vicinity, it struck 2,000 times in one hour. How they calculated that so quickly and accurately, I'm not entirely sure. Fortunately it did not start storming until right before I left for work. If it had been storming while my alarm was going off, I most certainly would not have gotten out of bed and would have come up with an excuse as to why it would be ok for me to be late to work. Unfortunately, I was so concerned as to the location of my umbrella, that I forgot several important things:
1. My lunch. Which means I will eat in the cafeteria today which means I will probably consume ungodly amounts of carbs and fats, telling myself its ok because I never eat lunch in the caf. But then I will probably eat there again on Thursday because of another nonsense excuse, like I brought my lunchbox but forgot to put lunch inside of it. Yes, this has happened to me before.
2. My gym bag. Which means not only will I eat a delicious/expensive/addingtothetirearoundmymiddle lunch, I will end up not going to the gym in an attempt to work it off.
3. The Skinny Water I was working on. It is now left to get dumped over by the cat or to gather spiders hanging from the ceiling, like the one that tried to get into my scrambled eggs this morning. Leaving the drink really isn't that big of a tragedy, but still. I forgot it.

I am a computer goddess. The Director of my dept told me again that he "didn't know there was so much talent in this department" after perusing the website I have poured a good portion of bloodsweatandtears into. Also, everyone has discovered my knowledge of computer programs. I am good at 1. pretending to know things and 2. learning things quickly because sometimes people ask me for help and I don't really know what they are talking about, but I will figure it out. Because I am awesome. Especially at Visio 2003. I decided today that I will write a tutorial on it for our department, because I just can't be bothered with people always needing me to design things for them. I'm just THAT busy! Hahahahaha

Michael and I are having a housewarming party. I accidentally invited about 35 people. 20 of them are Attending (minus Thimba, who always responds Yes to facebook events even though he lives in Kenya), 7 are Maybe Attending, 2 Are Not Attending, and 4 are Awaiting Reply (which, I might add, are Michael's relatives. For shame.) I am not sure how I am going to fit all of these people into my house but it's nice to know I'm popular. Or at least I am dating someone who is.

Also, I do not like people who overuse exclamation points. Allow me to share with you a brief excerpt from one person I am fB friends with:
"I LOVE MY LIFE!! I married an amazing man who also happens to be my best friend! We are great together! He understands me, and I understand him! And we Love each other very much! We always make everything fun, I don't know how but we do!! We just had our first child! Hes an amazing little boy! We are completely thrilled to have him home, hes home with Mommy and Daddy and we couldn't be happier!"
This hurts my eyeballs just looking at it. My sister also commits this travesty. NO ONE is that happy and exclamation points are extremely overrated. And so, for the love of God, please refrain from the use of exclamation points unless you are ACTUALLY jumping up and down and screaming, because that's what your punctuation is telling me.



Brandy said...

very random! good luck with your house party - i hope you get presents. i love presents. I had to keep myself from using so many of !!!! because I now realize how crazy it makes people. lol.

Yellow Trash Diaries said...

People who use that many exclamation points end up drawing bright red circles with lipstick around their mouths while talking to their reflection.

Keely said...

People who use that many exclamation points are compensating for something. I have a FB friend whose status regularly has, like, 15 exclamation points at the end. Kid you not. I finally left him a note telling him to stop hogging them all.

He replied with more exclamation points, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Your RTT rocks. Forgetting stuff sucks, tutorials take a long time and (from experience) people will STILL ask you for help!!!!!!! Ha...

However, the best part of your WHOLE blog is that shoe.... THE shoe. I've been trying to buy those shoes forever but it's too expensive...for now. I'm going to be rich just to buy those, tons of those. In all colors!!!!!!

Ok enough with the exclamation marks. =0)