Monday, June 1, 2009

In which I can't walk and drink copious amounts of coffee

Let me begin by stating that Michael and I are 1) impatient 2) determined 3) goal oriented. These are mostly admirable qualities. On Saturday we signed a lease for our new apartment, which was pretty damn exciting. Our original plan was that we would move a few things in, then slowly move everything in and start living there June 13th. On Friday night, we decided we would move in over the course of this week and start living there June 6th. On Saturday night, we decided that we should move everything in over the course of 24 hours and start living there yesterday.

This we did, because as previously stated we are very 1) impatient 2) determined 3) goal oriented. However, we are also a little bit prissy and don't ask for help. So we moved everything all by ourselves. Currently I am suffering from Sorebackitis, Donotusemylegs Disease and Half-Opened Eye Lid Syndrome.

But on the bright side, it is with great pride that I live in my new place, even if it is a little small. I took many jumps for joy inside my head while moving out, thinking of how I would never again face to flights of stairs or try to fit my food in the freezer or wonder what happened to all the toilet paper that I bought. Also my Kittywhoisnamedkitty seems to be pretty happy in the new place. However, I'm worried that she is going to get fat and pissy now that she can't explore the outdoors. Fat and/or ugly animals are embarassing to me. My cat is neither, but if she turns into a fatty I will be very put out. Damn you, 2nd floor apartment.

Also - in our complex, there is a lake. In the lake, there lives a swan. It was deemed necessary to name this swan. Thanks to the process of naming an animal that doesn't even belong to us, I don't think I ever want to name a child. It took us a half hour of arguing - I was partial to Princess Matilda Olivia Jane. Michael rolled his eyes at me and then recommended Queen DeepThroat, because he thinks it probably could. Men. In the end, the only name we both agreed upon was Princess Sally Snickerdoodle the Swan. So that is its name, and God help my future children.


Logical Libby said...

I plan never to move again. I don't care what it means... I don't care if I have to have the world's longest commute, or sleep seven to a room.


Yellow Trash Diaries said...

Before we had kids my husband and I had 3 cats-- Big Kitty, Little Kitty, and Tiny Kitty.
It's a miracle we did not name our children Boy and Little Chic.