Thursday, June 4, 2009

In which I throw a Pretty Pretty Princess party and make a hate list

Currently, I am compling a list of things that I hate. Because there are a lot of those things and I feel compelled to share. However, the list is not complete and so I am not at liberty to divulge at this present time. I just realized that maybe I should also compile a list of things I love. I thought of 4 things really fast, and then couldn't think of anything else. I'm sure it will come to me, but keep in mind -- the hate list will probably be like waaaay bigger. And probably funnier.

Yesterday one of my BF'effers turned 25. And we threw her a suprise Pretty Pretty Princess party. I love surprising people and I love giving them presents and I love having parties for them. Its a thing. So I spent $40 at the party store (which was waaaay more than I had intended to spend but, you know, whatever) and got shit loads of pink princessy stuff.

I felt it necessary to tell the cash register-eer and the woman in line behind me that I was having a Princess party, in case they couldn't tell. The woman behind me said "Oh how nice! How old is your little girl?" And I said "Oh, tragically I do not have kids {here i almost inserted my speel about how i wish my boyfriend would just ask me to marry him already because im not getting any younger and i will be very angry if im an old mom and also whats the difference if you know you want to be with me forever then lets just do it and quit dragging it out already. But i didn't say any of that}. Its for my friend. She is turning 25." And the woman said "Oh my gosh, she is just going to loooove it! And you are just going to be a great mom someday, I can tell." I wanted to kiss her for that comment, but refrained.

So this particular BF'effer has a boyfriend and on the way over to the surprise party, he told her, very offishly, that he was sorry he didn't really do anything for her birthday but its not because he doesn't love her, its just that he doesn't really give a shit about anybody's birthday. My BF'effer promptly broke down into tears and almost refused to get out of the car to walk into the house. Thank sweet baby Jesus she did, we all yelled surprise and played Happy Birthday by the Ting Tings, and I pinned a princess button on her and crowned her the Princess of Delight and Enchantment with a plastic tiara, and then we played Pretty Pretty Princess Snow White Edition and ate pizza and drank champagne. I KNOW - we are a very fancy, grownup group of friends.

So anyways, the new apartment is shaping up very nicely. I still have a line of boxes/bags against one wall that is all decorations that I just don't feel like sorting out. The Princess BF'eff came over on Tuesday and I took her to visit Princess Sally Snickerdoodle the Swan.

(Apparently I have a thing for Princesses?)

My other BF'effer (Who I will heretofore refer to as my Sassstar BF'eff) and her boyfriend are coming to visit on Saturday! *insert my happy butt wiggle dance* We are going to a car show and going to the pool and Sassstar BF'eff doesn't know it yet because I keep forgetting to tell her, we are going to a Rib and Steakhouse for dinner. Also, I get to show off my apartment that has all matching bathroom items and a sparkly blue lamp.

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