Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In which I prepare for basic cable and the tragedy sure to ensue

So much for my attempts at blogging every day. Here it is, already Wednesday, and I haven't written since last Friday. In my defense, three day weekends full of drinking and parties and recoveries are just not condusive to blogging. For me anyways.

My weekend began with my cousins wedding. Which, happily, was not uneventful. Me and all of my cousins got drunk together, discussed why we haven't been better friends our whole lives, had a Sublime sing-a-long at 3am, and, in general, a simply splendid time. Next day, Michael and I trekked back to Philadelphia. Which took us five hours because someone decided it would be a good idea to get into a car accident on Sunday afternoon, on memorial day weekend.

On a side note, I have something to say about car accidents. As much as bad drivers make me irate and cause me to string words together that my mother would not approve of, I think we are pretty lucky to encounter accidents as rarely as we do. With the number of morons that are allowed to have their drivers license these days, statistically speaking shouldn't we see more accidents? Not that I am complaining, of course.

Anyways. We finally made it home and consumed more obscene amounts of alcohol for the rest of the day/night/morning. Fortunately, I am a smarty-mc-smartypants and drank a glass of water between every 2 drinks. Yes, I peed a lot. But I was not trashed and therefore had nothing to be embarassed about the next day. Also, I didn't have a raging headache, which is always pretty badass.

Monday, in my state of non-hungoverness, I went to the pool for the first time, which was first rate. My bikini body leaves quite a bit to be desired, per usual. And after the pool, I went out for mexican food, so that made the bod even better! Ha.

Saving some $$$
Yes, I have decided to remove the grasp of Directv from around my throat. I am currently preparing to rid myself of several hundred/thousand/million (does anyone really know??) channels and *gasp* DVR. I am going to get basic cable.

Cable is very expensive. Currently, we pay $120 a month to Directv to have cable, showtime/starz, DVR, HD, and 3 separate boxes in the house - this does not even include internet. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I can get basic cable, 50 channels, for $19.95. Ludicrous, I know!

This current $120 is split between 5 people who live in my house so its really not that bad and works out just fine. But now, Michael and I are getting a place and the idea of paying $60 a month EACH just so that we can watch TV is kind of, i mean absolutely, ridiculous.

50 channels sounds really sad. But honestly, every single show I watch is on one of those basic channels. Except Dexter. Ok, and Weeds. But I can watch both of them on Hulu. Losing DVR will be sad but again, if I miss an episode, I can watch it on Hulu. Technically, I could probably give up TV all together and just plug my computer into the tv and watch Hulu all day long. Truly, it is a blessing bestowed upon mankind.

Also, I spend SO much time in front of the tv. After cooking dinner and going to the gym, I sit on my ass the rest of the night. Or like last night - I didn't feel like going to the gym OR cooking dinner so I did nothing except sit in front of the television and flip through several hundred channels and watched nothing of interest (that new show, Mental, is terrible by the way).

So. In twopointfive weeks I will be downgraded and DVRless. But its ok because I will have extra money in my pocket, and extra time on my hands. I hope to not only cut back my tv watching time, but also maybe cut out some of the shows that I watch all together. Now I just have to find some new hobbies...

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